Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Remembering the teachers

Starting time to say goodbye this semester of college, she reminded me that I had teachers at school. I always keep good and bad memories of that period of four years of High School or high in other countries and here is a brief reminder of each of the first or last name not to be violated their identities.
Castilian: I had two teachers in the first two years I had as a teacher Mrs. Bridget ( "Frigid" to his detractors) it was definitely a lady.. Her characteristic giving tenths in all classes to motivate their students. As I liked his way to classes arrive in time to have more than 200/10 or 20 points for tests which mostly did not use. Like those tenths were not transferable to the next year sold for $ 100 pesos each with the requirement that handled my handwriting or other than usual, was that my colleagues forged his signature and lyrics to get the necessary points and so upload your average.
- From mid third quarter we had to Myriam M., whose work in the biennium was sitting in the chair, giving orders to copy pages and pages of the Castilian and nothing else. His evidence was always books Unamuno, Jimenez, Azorín, etc. Each semester Cariola took us to the theater (for me it was socia¡) to see works. It was a feminist to the bone, always had women as their regalonas (including my sister years ago) and finally had problems in the past year with her ​​because one of its regalonas accused me that I had told him: "What was a teacher who came to be drunk with such indolence "
History: Jorge R. Here is the typical "popular" teacher where all the students wanted to be with him. Basic had enough problems with this subject, but since he came to change the form of class actions brought materials made up, was such a fun and entertaining class that the first option I had was to study Degree in History. It was the fashion at that momento¡
- In elected for one year had Mario S. dubbed the "Professor Jirafales" or "sausage" for its tall and tanned skin. It went unnoticed as a teacher but was dismissed because her students second half was eaten, although I had an anecdote to him because of a "cultural" question:
'In what city is the San Joaquin Campus of UC?
-In Macul, professor
- (she laughed out loud) but wonder your son ignorance obviously is in San Joaquin.
- (seriously I said) that weird? because I live in Macul and what are the boundaries of the district and that is in Macul because it is in the path south and San Joaquin is just beginning in the northern village of Vicuña Mackenna. Ahh ... and the name of Campus San Joaquín is due to the name of the father of the Virgin Mary and if you want to see check the plate remaining in the Campus because I step out there to get home.
(The smile faded again and never asked me a question in all year)
'After I had Nirza D., who became pregnant that year and the mine was so thin that when I grew belly seemed corrector pen ha ha ha.
English: Here was Mr. Segovia eternal head teacher my sister. Comparing myself lived with her but that did not bother me at all. We called as "Mr.Thatcher" instead of "Mr.Teacher" and every year made ​​us sing songs by artists such as Cher, Dido, West Life for pure bother. Her main characteristic is to bring pencils and sell various pastas or when someone did not have the monetary resources the leased but asked to guarantee the school pass. So for testing cobraba¡ us
PE: Here's my homeroom teacher was Raul J. Melipilla and was the mino for schoolgirls as it was blond and blue eyes, but failing was that his ears were very exits or is had nicknames like "chureja" " pan "," Sky "," DirecTV ", etc .. Many injured were made ​​to that occassionally. But I insist that it is better to present by picture because every ten words read, nine were scribbles, spoke on the boards of course clean scribbles and then complained that students spoke ill. I had him as coach of the athletics and soccer championships winning several community.
For another chapter comes the second part and .........

What Happened?

I have not wrote it because I had no time or else he did not feel, well many things came together. After my last letter in which I remembered my school teachers ( see here ) entered the final round or rather the last six months, no longer with us Burton but I'm glad that was the big news, and nothing, they brought new a more relaxed new teachers, and one that challenges us class to class but deep down you already like going grabbing style that has each.
I have acquired some bad habits, because I wake up every early to go to the U morning and I dead dog in the ha ha transantiago ha (although it was with the ha ha Yellow ha), now they ask me to be memorión, as in previous years I never was, on the grounds that I have to now be expressed legally.
I feel I'm like the rulers in the final stage of its mandate evil called "lame duck syndrome" where they feel alone and waiting for the end date. Finally, in so few lines I can describe what has happened in more than two months, sorry, should not be able to write something else, but the little time I have left and practice has me head elsewhere.
PD What has become of you ......?
PD2. I'm having to leave messages on blogger ????

Sneaky Milk Cartons

You know that the milk carton is not sold within expiration returns to the factory to be repasteurizada and returns to the supermarket again ?.
Unbelievable Truth. For the law allows dairies repeat this cycle up to 5 times, which ends up leaving almost tasteless milk and a significant reduction in the quality and nutritional value.

When the milk reaches the supermarket for sale to the final consumer, the carton must display a small number marked on the bottom. This number ranges from 1 to 5. The most that should be tolerated is to buy milk to number 3, that is, milk that has been re-pasteurized 2 times, recommending not to buy milk cartons whose number is 4 or 5 as this it means that the milk quality is degraded. If you buy a closed box, simply check the box number as all the cards inside have the same numbering. For example, if a card has the number 1 means the first time that leaves the factory and reaches the supermarket to sell, but if you have the number 4 means that expired 3 times and was repasteuriz ada 3 times returning to the supermarket to try to be sold and so on ...
So, you know, when they buy milk, watch the bottom of the carton and do not buy boxes which are the numbers 4 or 5, and the most scrupulous, even 3.
In this photo you can see the number in question. Go to the fridge, supermarket, warehouse or other side see the carton and check the number, I doubt you'll find 1 or 2.